The Backpacking Tourism Boom

“Do not become a tourist. Plan less. Proceed slowly. I went from the most wasteful manner possible, and it required me in which I wished to really move.”

They would be the specific words of Andrew Evan, who uttered an overland experience from Washington D.C. into the Antarctic. This headline is just one which Back Packers today swear by.

Backpacking in its original form can be a more cheap and distinctive fashion of travel. The definition of itself is self-explanatory – traveling with a backpack. Back Packers regularly travel without packed tours and rely on traveling advice from guidebooks and internet sites. Some people nowadays are travelling and backpacking for a manner of traveling won’t be unknown to the majority of.

In”The back-packing Phenomenon,”” Philip Pearce implies that biking is a frame of mind. It’s a way to travelling, as opposed to categorisation based on era or dollars .

Back Packers are distinguished using these characteristics:

A societal increased exposure of fulfilling locals and other travelers.
Quicker in the place of brief holidays.
The prevalence of back-packing has improved in the past couple of decades. It really is most evident from the rise in many backpacker accommodations in Singapore.

A record a lot of near to 13.2 million international visitors came to Singapore in 2011. More tourists see Singapore equally as a stopover en route into some other nation or as a destination .

Singapore could be the priciest Asian country for rooms in hotels, with a nighttime averaging S$239.00 in 2011.


Footprints Hostel, situated at Little India, supplies a mattress at the 10-bed dormitory to get S$22.00 an evening time. Keeping prices cheap has-been their competitive advantage since they remain together with the biggest and popular backpackers’ hostels.

Travellers are attracted to backpackers’ hostels for their very reasonably priced accommodation.

“We maintain our chamber rates competitive. In addition, we value-add with their own stay offering discounted attraction tickets and prices in several cafes and restaurants near us,” says Christina Phang. Whilst the General Manager of Footprints Hostel,” Christina regularly sources out discounts and deals to her or his guests.

Rates are not the sole real determining variable with all the development of fresh boutique hostels certainly catered to that backpacker with the funding. Comfort and luxury is the principle for all those boutique hostels since they bring amenities and services normally within hotels. Such enriched features may include amenities such as, instance, a broad lobby couch, individual reading lights, bedside displays, and i-phone docks.

Mervin Kwa, 28, Operations Manager in Bunc Hostel, explains that the flashpacker is really just a modified word for the backpacker with marginally more environmentally friendly funding concerning accommodation, yet wants to go through the interactivity and air using a hostel.

“We all (Bunc Hostel) offer high hotel quality conventional bedding and conveniences in Back Packers’ rates. Even the dormitory beds are all designed as capsules to deliver guests with greater solitude in comparison with your open-style dormitory,” Mervin explains. “We also arrange events often to promote mingling among our visitors.”

Bunc Hostel’s custom-designed capsule mattress guarantees relaxation and solitude.

Many backpackers’ hostels can also be located strategically near the town center or so are within range of some MRT channels. This brings forth advantages throughout the ease and affordability of traveling within Singapore. Getting situated from the many ethnic substances allows backpackers to go through the area flavour with all the distinctive cultural civilizations.

By way of instance, Little India, which will be an influential Indian ethnic enclave, is undisputedly the most popular backpacker district in Singapore. It’s got the maximum concentration of backpackers’ hostels, plus it’s perhaps not tough to find why back-packers are attracted to Little India.

There’s a stable growing relationship involving your regional organizations catered to its tourists and also the upsurge of their tourism market. These lenders may also be socket providers of entertainment, advice, and diversion for them.

Singaporeans are also perhaps not unfamiliar with all the back-packing fervour. “For me personally, it (backpacking ) methods to traveling cheaply and independently at a foreign nation,” says Desmond Lui, a freelance photojournalist.

Back-packing compatible a lengthy and more enlightening learning holiday for a few. “I like the increased freedom which accompanies independent back-packing when compared with travelling with traditional excursion bundles,” Desmond climbs . “I also discover by traveling for longer intervals, spending more hours at 1 location, and seeing places, I could possibly find a deeper understanding and feel for your own nation or region I see.”

Desmond has travelled especially broadly in India and China, spending and seven months . An 18-hour jeep ride in India that took him over mountainous moves along a number of the maximum motor roads on the planet remains among the fondest back-packing memories.

It seems weathered will stay being an up tendency with increased backpackers going to Singapore and more Singaporeans traveling overseas. Purchase a ticket, then draw your backpack and go globetrotting today.