What to Know About Collins Glassware

Collins glass is a small glass tumbler that typically will contain between 300 to 411 milliliters. It’s used most often to serve refreshing mixed drinks, particularly Tom Collins or John Collins drinks. It’s also cylindrical in design and smaller and taller than an average highball glass. An example measurement is 2+1 inches by 6.25 inches. The sides of the glass are usually clear to show the contents of a liquid, but there may be a lip around the rim of the glass called a “seal” that prevents liquid from seeping out. Smaller glasses may have a septic or drainage hole at the bottom.

The type of glass used in a Collins glass can vary, depending on the maker. Glassware that is of better quality is more likely to break easier, so it is typically more expensive. Commonly seen Collins glasses are clear or colorless and may be frosted or patterned with colored designs or swirls. Some of these glasses may have a raised lip around the rim.

You will also find different styles of glass used for highballs. Tall stem Collins is made of compressed air, not glass, making them lighter and easier to hold. These are typically spiced up with a fun colloquial word, which gives them their name (highball in Scotland, for instance). Some spiced up highballs have little bells or other objects (known as “stingers”) inserted into the glass. Some spiced up highball glasses even have cute little promotional slogans printed on them!

As you can see, highball glasses come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. They can be used for entertaining at a bar, or at home as an elegant beverage display. When purchasing what to know about Collins glassware, keep the occasion in mind. Is the glassware going to be used for a formal event (i.e. a wedding, corporate event, etc?

Collins highball glasses are typically small sized and easy to drink from. They are not as flimsy as glass champagne glasses, or as resilient as wine glasses. It would be a good idea to purchase glassware that is sturdy and durable. If you are purchasing highball glasses for special occasions, they will last for a long time.

When purchasing what to know about collins glass, it is important to consider the material the glassware is made of. Glass is commonly made out of lead, but other materials such as shatterproof glass have come onto the market in the past few years. One material that is growing in popularity is ‘sealed glass’. This material gives the glassware a thick coating on the outside of the glass, which makes it much more difficult to break. Sealed glassware usually comes in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs.

The price you pay for what to know about Collins glassware should also be taken into consideration. Most glassware is inexpensive, however, when considering glassware that features special finishes or is engraved with designs, you may notice that the cost can be substantially higher. If you are able to find a great piece of highball glasses at a great price, you will not be disappointed.

The above mentioned information should help you when you are interested in what to know about Collins glassware. With this information in hand, you should be able to purchase a great glass set or gift for someone else. After you learn what to know about Collins glassware, you will be able to enjoy your glassware and the many beautiful designs that are available.

Purchasing a glass set for your home, dining room, or office is a great idea. Glassware is something that can enhance the look of any space and create a focal point that everyone can enjoy. Glassware can be elegant, rustic, formal, or a little wild and crazy. No matter what kind of glassware you choose, you will be pleased with your purchase.

The price of what to know about Collins glassware depends on the design of the glassware and the amount of glass used. The more elaborate the design of the glassware, the more it will cost. Usually the price of highball glasses is around $30. You may be able to find glassware which is less expensive and may still be just as beautiful. If you are purchasing the glassware for a gift, you can always add your own personal touches to the glassware.

Most of the time, highball glasses are used with appetizers and other food based dishes. However, you do not have to stick to this rule. You can use highball glasses with almost any dish. If you want to present a wine glass to someone, you could even save up the money and buy a fancy wine glass yourself and then fill it with the same wine that you would give to a guest. There are many ways to enjoy a glass of wine with highballs and it all starts with knowing what to know about Collins glassware.