Which Are The Best Grand Theft Auto V Game Mods?

GTA 5 continues to be popular and Rockstar has added many new updates that keep it feeling fresh. The players have made some of the best improvements to the game.

It was released in 2013 and is still a very popular game. After all, GTA 5’s combination of vast cityscapes, luxury cars, deadly weapons, colorful characters, and continuous updates make it incredibly hard to put down.

The Cayo Perico Heist actually brought more criminals back to Los Santos’ crime-ridden streets.

Rockstar’s updates provide plenty of content, but there are many fan-made mods worth your attention. These seven mods are great for anyone looking to change the game’s performance, or simply to keep it fresh until GTA 6 comes out.

Vice Cry: Remastered

GTA fans wanted a Vice City remaster for some time now. However, Rockstar has not officially stated that they will be releasing any information. Many players decided to get it from the official site and bring Vice City to GTA 5 instead. It faithfully reproduces the streets lined with palm trees of Vice City and adds new features to the Miami-based map.

There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re driving through Downtown to listen to classic 80s music or taking in the Ocean Beach views,


This mod transforms GTA 5 into a stunningly realistic representation of Southern California using hundreds of photos and video footage. The official mod page states that it took over a year to create and that multiple developers worked on it. GTA 5 is now more stunning than ever.

The game’s weather system has been significantly modified. GTA 5 wasn’t a bad game. However, GTA 5 2013 is starting to look dated. NaturalVision keeps Los Santos’ world looking new with every update.

Open All Interiors

Although the GTA series allows players to access various buildings and houses, not all of them can be accessed. This mod allows you to access almost every interior of the game file, and also includes previously cut content.

This mod allows you to look inside NPC-owned buildings and hide from the cops, or simply to enjoy the freedom of the open world.

It doesn’t take much effort to locate every interior, as they are all marked on the map. This makes it easy to find them when you need them. To toggle between them, hit F7 and start exploring.

Grand CyberPunk

Cyberpunk 2077 was disappointing for many. CD Projekt’s new open-world title did not live up to its hype. It also contains numerous bugs and an incredibly clumsy AI. Cyberpunk lovers can satisfy their sci-fi cravings by downloading the GrandCyberPunk Mod.

The fan-made project involved meticulously renovating Downtown, Legion Square and Textile City. It is one of the most ambitious mods, with its futuristic buildings and floods of neon lights. This map overhaul is combined with Cyberpunk 2077’s iconic Quadra-Tech car and cybernetic inspired outfits to create a similar experience to Night City.

Map Editor

Do you want to customize Los Santos’ look or create custom maps? GTA 5’s map editor allows you to create custom maps or adjust the look of Los Santos completely. This mod will allow you to navigate the map with freecam. Map Editor, as the name implies, allows you to create, edit, move buildings, change colors, delete and copy items.

You can save and load multiple map creations with the Map Editor mod. To erase your custom map or to go back to the original game, use the New Map function.

Simple Zombies

Simple Zombies transforms GTA 5 into an action-adventure adventure game that is a survival simulator. This mod is a great choice for fans of Rust and DayZ. Blaine County and Los Santos were both attacked by flesh-eating zombies. You’ll need to keep your eyes open if you want to avoid a grisly end.

You will need to find food and supplies while fighting other survivors and the nightmarish undead. You can also recruit NPCs and build bases. This is where you can manage loot, create barricades and give commands to allied characters. Although this mod is one of the oldest additions to this list, it’s still an excellent one for those who enjoy a challenge.

GTA 5 – Spider-Man mod

GTA’s Spider-Man is not your friendly neighbor.

It was only a matter time before GTA 5’s crime scene became so crowded that Spider-Man, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, appeared. It’s as much fun as it is rewarding to web swing through Downtown Los Santos, tying up the criminals. You can use this mod to increase your movement speed and create unique melee combos. Additionally, you can stick vehicles or people to nearby walls.

You can also swing your vehicle around to launch it into objects nearby, which allows you to down helicopters. Although Spider-Man Mod for GTA 5 is not for everyone, it adds an interesting way to play the game.