Ultimate Shadow Legends Game Guide: Everything You Need To Know

ROAD: Shadow Legends has one of the best gacha games we have ever had the pleasure to play. The game has a lot of content, including many levels and over 450 unlockable champions with detailed 3D models. There are also many game modes and lots of farming and grinding. As you progress in your game, you will get stronger. It’s easy to see why this game is one of the most popular Android RPGs. The game has been downloaded over 10 million times and received 865-thousand reviews from users on the Play Store.

Plarium’s RAID: Shadow Legends has a lot of turn-based battles. You also need to optimize your teams with different champions. Farming is an important part of the gameplay. Although it can take some time to summon the most powerful characters, once you unlock their full potential, they will be useless.

It’s not easy to get good at this game. There are many good guides online that will help you get started. We even have a few of them here on our blog!

We are pleased to present a complete list of RAID: Shadow Legends’ best tips. This article is split into sections that will cover both the most fundamental aspects of RAID: Shadow Legends as well as its more advanced features. You will find helpful links throughout the sections that will lead you to other pages that provide more information about the topic. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to click them.

These guides contain some of the most useful tips for RAID. You will likely find useful tips for improving your RAID performance, whether you are a newbie or an experienced veteran returning after a long hiatus.

1. BlueStacks RAID: Shadow Legends

The game can be downloaded completely free of charge in the BlueStacks App Center. It’s as easy as searching for the game on your BlueStacks client, and then installing it in a few clicks. After that, you can start playing the game. Remember to only use official client software that is available from legitimate sources, such as Google Play Store. Plarium could ban your device permanently if you use a modified or hacked APK to install the client. You also risk infecting your computer with malware.

Plarium already makes it possible to play RAID: Shadow Legends online through their PlariumPlay platform. However, BlueStacks offers many benefits, including a large number of tools available. You will be able to enjoy features such as the Keymapping tool that lets you customize your controls and the Macro Recorder that automates some of the most tedious parts of the game.

Imagine farming some stages of the game and grinding them after you run out of Multi-Battle attempts. This can be quite time-consuming as you have to either manually monitor the game or shut it down until your allowances replenish. BlueStacks allows you to continue farming by recording a simple macro.

2. RAID: Shadow Legends: How to Get Ahead As a Beginner

You can skip the next section if you are a veteran with many achievements. For those just starting out, let’s give you a brief overview of RAID’s basic gameplay loop.

RAID is a gacha game with stunning character models and amazing visuals. It is essentially another game. The goal is to gather the best heroes and power them up in order to become the strongest player on your server. You can unlock and upgrade champions by farming materials and resources through combating in various modes and scenarios using the turn-based combat system.

Plarium did an excellent job designing this combat system. It’s easy to learn, but it also provides a learning curve for players as they move through the levels and combat scenarios. You will find powerful champions that can change your approach to each battle as you progress through the stages.

RAID: Shadow Legends is a great game for beginners. Focus on the first chapter. It’s quite simple and requires only a small amount of character upgrades. There are many freebies you can claim as a new member, such as the appropriately-named New Player rewards, and the numerous prizes that you can get from the Daily Login or Progression rewards.

RAID: Shadow Legends offers great prizes to the most diligent players. It is important that you always claim your free stuff. You can summon a guaranteed Epic or Legendary champion by using the Sacred Shard, which is available at level 60 in the Progression Rewards.

3. Shadow Legends: The Best Early-Game Champions and Starter in RAID

Before you can start in RAID, one of your first decisions will be to choose a starter champion. There are over 450 unlockable characters in this game, but you can only make your first decision with four starter champions: Elhain (Kael), Galek (and Athel). Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as unique roles. They can all be helpful in the beginning stages of your career, especially if you upgrade them.

RAID: Shadow Legends is the best way to start champions. They can help you get far beyond the initial game content. Elhain is a great choice in this regard. She scales well with upgrades, even though she starts slow. Kael is comparable to her in terms of endurance, so some players may prefer him as a starter champion. Galek, Athel, and others don’t scale well in the later game so you will need to replace them when you find better options.

Shadow Legends on the PC

Once you have chosen your starter champion, you can begin your journey. The main source of new characters in RAID is summoning using shards. Some rare characters can be obtained by farming them at specific stages. These characters are worth grinding because of their unique abilities that can be used in both PvP and PvE, or in some cases, both.

Spirithost can be found in Durham Forest. This support champion can be a great addition to any starter team. She can remove and prevent debuffs from your entire team and can buff their speed, attack damage, and speed, giving them more chances to do massive damage to the enemies. This champion is worth the effort.

Rocktooth, another champion in RAID, is located in Felwin’s Gate. He has an attack that reduces enemy healing. This is helpful both in the Arena and in PvE matchups, where the enemy has a dedicated healer.

Valerie, a very useful defense character for beginners, can be found in Kaerok Castle’s first chapter. For those early stages when enemies are able to do a lot of damage, Valerie’s ability to reduce the debuff duration on allies and buff their attack as well as shielding her companions and healing them will prove invaluable.

The Conquerer, just like Valerie can also be farmed in Kaerok Castle. He is a versatile attack champion who can remove buffs from his enemies and permanently kill his opponent using his Purge skill. This prevents them from ever being revived.

Once you have completed the campaign, and you are ready to build specialized teams, you will need to summon the best champions according to the current meta. RAID: Shadow Legends offers a wide range of options, thanks to its champions that are well-balanced and excel in certain situations. Some characters are able to fit in multiple compositions. However, many of the characters can be modified by equipping them with powerful gear and artifacts that make them more suitable for certain situations.

Given the above, it is difficult to create a tier list of RAID’s champions. This is especially true when you consider the fact that the meta changes constantly as new characters are added. The following tier lists include some of the most powerful and valuable champions in the game as of April 2020:

  • Lord Champfort (Legendary Banner-Lords HP)
  • Black Knight (Legendary Banner-Lords HP, Legendary)
  • Shirimani (Legendary High Elves Support, Shirimani)
  • Royal Huntsman (Legendary High Elves, Attack, Royal Huntsman)
  • Tayrel (Epic High Elves, Defense).
  • Arbiter (Legendary High Elves, Support).
  • Martyr (Legendary. Sacred Order. Defense).
  • Venus (Legendary and Sacred Order, Support).
  • Turvold (Legendary Barbarians, Attack, Legend)
  • Hakkorhn Smashlord, (Legendary Skinwalkers, HP, HP)
  • Warlords (Legendary Orcs, Support, Warlords)
  • Drexthar Bloodtwin (Legendary. Demonspawn. Defense).
  • Bad-el-Kazar, Legendary, Undead Hordes Support
  • Kael (Rare Dark Elves, Attack, Dark Elves)

Your playstyle and support characters will influence your choice of best champions in RAID Shade Legends. These champions are great starting points for any player, as they are considered some of the most powerful in current tier lists.

5. Shadow Legends – How to Farm Silver, Gold, XP, and Other Resources in RAID

You will spend a lot of time working to summon the best characters for your team. Farming is an important aspect of the game. This allows you to obtain the resources needed for summoning the characters and also upgrades your character roster. It doesn’t matter how tier-based your champions are.

You can upgrade your characters in RAID by using four elements: XP (Potions), Mastery Scrolls (Mastery Scrolls), and Silver. The first element is for leveling up your characters. Potions are for ascending and increasing their stats. Mastery scrolls are used to unlock mastery skills that can further specialize your characters. Silver is used primarily to upgrade artifacts.

You can also upgrade your characters’ gear by equipping them with the right equipment and use this bot to automatically loot. Although they aren’t technically resources in the game, they can still be useful for farming, especially when you want to make specific armor sets.

You can farm every type of resource in RAID Shadow Legends in different game modes. Here is a quick overview of where you can farm this game.

  • SilverYou can do this by repeatedly completing the most difficult campaign missions you can. This will ensure that you get the most out of your energy investment.
  • XP:Similar to Silver farming, you will need to search for the hardest level you can beat with auto-battle.
  • This will streamline the process. You can bring a “food” hero to the stage that can take command. Once leveled up, these heroes can be sacrificed to power up other characters. Food heroes are often the weaker characters from blue and green rarities.
  • The Mastery Scrolls, Potions, and Gear:These items can only be obtained from Dungeons. Although gear can be found in the Dragon’s Lair and Ice Golem’s Peak dungeons as well as Spider’s Den dungeons you can only obtain Mastery Scrolls from the Minotaur’s Labyrinth dungeon. Potions can be obtained from the Void
  • Keep, Spirit Keep and Spirit Keep dungeons.
  • As with all things, it takes practice to get good at RAID Shadow Legends. It is important to unlock and upgrade the most powerful characters according to the current Tier Lists. However, it is equally important to be able to command your units effectively with the knowledge to outsmart your enemies. Our blog has tons of helpful information and tips to help you improve your game performance.

6. Guides and tips for RAID: Shadow Legends

We will close this comprehensive guide to RAID: Shadow Legends by reiterating the key topics and linking to their respective guides.

  • Combat ManualThis article will explain the basics of RAID combat and give you some tips for using a good composition against enemies stronger than yourself.
  • Gearing guideThis section will cover everything you need to know about this game’s gear, including how important stats and set bonuses are.
  • Farming ManualRAID is all about gathering resources. This guide will explain how to farm the various resources in RAID.
  • Guide to Acquiring ShardsTo summon characters, you must first acquire the appropriate shards. This guide will show you how to farm RAID shards.
  • If you have further questions, or if the guides aren’t clear enough for you to answer, please visit our FAQ article. It contains miscellaneous information that may help. You can also leave us a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.