List Of Game Server Hosting Platforms That Everyone Can Use

Now, video gambling is now a societal activity where people internationally can meet on the web, form teams, and begin playing with.

These games can be found in a variety of styles, articles, and genres at which different forms of individuals play together, make sure it men, women, adolescents, practitioners, etc., and also never confined by merely game nerds.

Also to sponsor those games, you want a specialized game host.

If you’re a game enthusiast trying to research the more depths of this gambling world and also play anyone in the entire whole world, anytime without any regular sawing and interruptions, then renting a host is logical.

In the event you do all of it by yourself, game performance and rate deteriorate along with abrupt crashes and downtimes. It’s since there could be a number of players utilizing the exact identical server and utilizing exactly the very exact resources.

However, these high end video games demand a strong server and that means it is possible to experience smoother gameplay.

Besides that, network and computer problems might occur at any moment. It calms your gambling disposition and frees plenty of background things that you handle such as:

  • Repairing blocked router interfaces,
  • The issue in managing plenty of players, including
  • Safety problems, and much more.

Most of these require very excellent awareness and skills which you might not own, aside from moment ingestion.

Thus, you want a technical game host platform to prevent yourself from all these issues, save your valuable gambling time, and also avoid frustrations.

A passionate host is made up of a bunch of servers that enable users to customize their game to some excellent extent, play various variants of their favorite game, and then also invite your gambling group from various different areas.

  • Improved performance with high level chips and SSDs
  • Handles high-traffic
  • Greater flexibility for bandwidth and uptime
  • No overheating problems
  • The smooth voice talks anyone to at least one or more in classes.
  • Quick assistance with decent issue-solving speeds
  • Supports numerous plugins, mods, and gambling surroundings
  • Capacity to change games and easy controller panels

To avail of these benefits, look for an adequate gaming host hosting solution to host your own games to take care of your gambling requirements.

For this, we’ve curated another list to create your decisions about what type has got the very ideal combination of pricing and features, and proceed for this.


A renowned name from the stadium of game server hosting, also ScalaCube can be definitely a superb alternative for you. ScalaCube presents boundless and totally completely free traffic free of throttling.

However, the latter is advised thanks to 10x more convenience and speed should you will need to get into your own server data usually.

They guarantee 99.9% uptime to get an uninterrupted gambling experience. Along with each of these, you receive infinite slots such as Minecraft server hosting along with multiple plugins, servers, and mod service.

Their pricing starts at only $2.5monthly.


HostHavoc is just another favorite name from the game hosting solutions. Their game titles are composed of complex features and habit applications preserved knowingly alongside mod and game upgrades. You have the possibility to pick out 25+ different games together using HostHavoc.

HostHavoc delivers a quick setup for the favorite game titles that will assist you in getting going fast.

Every one of the game servers demonstrates strong performance as a consequence of both NVMe SSDs together side enterprise-level server hosting. Take complete charge of one’s game server using easy direction, high-level settings, simple setup, and full FTP access.

Together with HostHavoc, you’re able to switch games anytime opportunity to research fresh ones without needing to pay for any additional volume. It’s 10 data center locations in 3 continents having a carefully recognized high-capacity network.

HostHavoc also supplies absolutely completely free DDoS protection, daily backups, 24/7 service over a 15minutes response period, and also a 3Day money-back guarantee. You’re able to make payments in cryptocurrencies aside from pay pal and bank cards.


Their servers are derived from 3rd-generation AMD Ryzen chips with ZEN-2 architecture built to ease a lag-free online gambling experience on the end consumers. They could manage efficient picture and video processing, parallel activities, and multi player gambling.

OVHcloud provides powerful anti-DDoS protection on most of its own servers, that will be effective at preventing service downtimes.

Their game servers may exhibit at the most 1GB/s bandwidth to perform impeccable performance without undermining serviceability. OVHcloud has data centers spread worldwide that provide you with the choice to rent a game server that is nearest to an own location, ensuring that you are feeling minimum latency.

Each host owns a people’s IPv4 and IPv6 address, and you may even rent an additional IPv4 for the own server if you require it. The servers consist of a 500GB storage capacity of copies.

Google Cloud

Server direction is straightforward with its powerful international infrastructure without adverse results on the operation. Their game titles have been designed for running at a maximum rate of 3.8 GHz.

Irrespective of where your gaming spouses are situated internationally, Google Cloud has servers located all over the entire planet in 2-4 regions out there in 200+ countries also joined with a high-tech community. Google Cloud’s game titles provide personalized auto-scaling predicated on your own gambling requirements. It includes one control panel for quick server direction and also facilitates easy installation.

Citadel Servers

Can it be performance, server caliber, or reliability, and the hosting agency matches most of the desirable criteria of gamers.

They supply a robust and habit control panel TcAdmin built to produce server control easier with optimized settings and features so that you may make the most of one’s game servers. Their dedicated servers influence the latest hardware and media technology.

Every one of the servers operates Solid-State Drives with 1Gbps bandwidth to get faster performance, which means that you won’t ever run support in this game. Once you create the payment, then they are going to offer immediate server installation within a few minutes and that means it’s possible to get going and functioning fast.

Citadel Servers manages the care of host security along with 24/7 network monitoring combined side anti-DDoS protection. They have data centers in 20+ locations crossing across 4 continents to be certain to undergo the smallest lag. For a faithful client and order a host for 1-2 weeks, then they provide you a 10% reduction on the leasing price.

Amazon GameLift

Simply take your game to another stage having its servers that could very easily climb, deploy, and operate.

This really is but one of the greatest choices for multiplayer games. They supply examples safely, deploy servers on conducting instances, track game servers and instances and replace poor ones, and also load-balance the host traffic.

Whether or not you like multiplayer or single games, they ensure rapid paced gameplay. GameLift additionally scans for available servers to discover the people with LowLatency. When it’s unavailable, then you have the choice to configure the hosting agency and put in greater capacity mechanically closer to players.

Since GameLift runs AWS’s cloud infrastructure, now benefit from the many secure and extensive cloud platform.

They supply you with an auto-scaling quality that could begin 1000s of simultaneous events while quitting unused instances within moments. You are able to configure the servers to climb power mechanically based on steady state percentage goals and also let GameLift handle the scaling whilst correcting pattern changes.

Your game titles are all safe with DDoS security and protection against infrequent system attacks. It delivers both Position and on-demand instances, and also you also might have the possibility to pick out of 40 sizes and types of all examples. For each and every single case, choose your favorite set of memory cards, CPU, and system capacity suitable for the gambling requirements.

Together with GameLift, you cover the tools you utilize using high-performing VMs, blazing-fast data transport, and SSD-based storage, even with no annual devotion. It is possible to even incorporate GameLift together with other AWS services such as AWS Shield and much more.

Therefore that you Start

Rent your game machine from and that means you Start and get the genuine power of performance and innovation. They offer you machines created to sponsor your favorite games and extend the best specifications and nominal latency.

And that means that you Start enables one to host games like Minecraft, counter-strike, Team Fortress 2, and also other services such as TeamSpeak along with Mumble.

To take advantage of one’s game titles, configure your machine with Intel i-5 or i-7 along with 16-32 GB RAM & SSD storage.

And that means that you Start hosts its own servers in OVH data centers positioned in a variety of regions, one in Canada and more in France.


Deploy high speed game servers using one click by employing Vultr’s host hosting solutions. Once you click on install, they’ll orchestrate the Vultr cloud system as well as devote your examples within the chosen data center.

You can customize and install almost any one of those mods you would like and let Vultr manage the VPS put for you to provide superior flexibility to tweak your own game server. Their game titles operate high-performance and LowLatency networks so gamers may find their greatest gambling potential.

The trick behind Vultr’s high end is its own enterprise-grade hardware, speedy SSD pushes, the most recent production of Intel CPUs which ensures 100% SLA, resilient equilibrium, and also consistent serviceability.

They supply a very simple control panel having a clean dash and also a solid API therefore that you are able to manage all of it readily. Vultr enables you to join your programs with remote neighborhood networks that are private, eases the IPv6 system, provides complete root access having a separate IP address for many VMs, and permits you to decide on customized made ISOs.

You’re able to incorporate together with their API to twist control and destroy your own host instances.


The ever-evolving distance of gambling is hitting new peaks to assist gamers to explore fresh experiences and excitement. Also to make it easier for you personally, tech firms provide you high level game titles using powerful functions and functionalities therefore that you may play anyone on the planet and revel in an unparalleled gaming experience.